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The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation came into being as the result of the Ehl-i Beyt Convention realized by 126 Alawi and Bektashi organizations meeting twelve years ago in Istanbul. In the first convention the religious identity and common values were discussed.
Along the lines of the beliefs and thinking of Fermani ALTUN, those who remained under the roof of The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation, believing that the Alawi and Bektashi beliefs were the essence of Islam and the unity of the Koran – Ehl-i Beyt, set down the first mortar for the The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation.

Ehl-i Beyt have been the leading influence on the diffusing to the five continents of the “way of the right” of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) who was birthed to the universe as a sun 1400 years ago. The same torch was kindled from Istanbul in the year 1997 and provided for the whole world love, unity, brotherhood and cooperation. It has been a historical turning point for the Islamic and human brotherhood. The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation was observed with interest by the believing segments in Turkey and the whole world and was accepted to be the main roof of the World unity.

Ehl-i Beyt is the household of the last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.), the lord of the universe. Ali, Fatima, Hussein and Hassan and their bloodline are prominent persons who are their descendants. The Koran and the Ehl-i Beyt of our lord the Prophet were presented to the whole humanity as references. Our dear Prophet Muhammad (SAV) has in his numerous sayings indicated to his Ehl-i Beyt, the Koran and his Sunnah as his compass. The Ehl-i Beyt family has, duly fulfilling their duties, been the pioneers in spreading the love, tolerance, learning and civilization of the Islam. They have performed their services not hesitating to sacrifice their lives against cruelty, reign and the darkness. The saying, “all mankind is our brothers, all Muslims our religious sorority” of Ali has become the compass for those services. The massacre of Hussein in Karbala along with 72 others of his family in his fight for right and law without bending before the cruelty and reign of the Yezid.

The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation, inviting to its second convention the whole Islamic segment and international organizations has earned the Islamic unity convention qualification. With representatives coming from 43 countries and around 400 representatives from Turkey and it was a joyous convention.

67 countries have participated in the third Ehl-i Beyt convention that was held in 1999 it was decided with a resolution passed that the Ehl-i Beyt Foundation is changed to be “The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation” and become the headquarters of the World Ehl-i Beyt.

The fourth Ehl-i Beyt Convention was held in 2001 with the participation of 84 countries. The unity and brotherhood were strengthened by the presentation in the most accurate manner of the efficacy and mutual beliefs identity of the Islamic Community, put to enmity throughout the history by sectarian bigotry and Alawi-Sunni discrimination; because incomplete information, faulty information and ignorance are major factors feeding discrimination, bigotry and hostility.

The 5th The World Ehl-i Beyt Convention was organized in Germany under the lead of the European Ehl-i Beyt Federation affiliated with our Foundation in Europe. The 6th and 7th Ehl-i Beyt Conventions were held in Istanbul and representatives from around 90 countries have participated and provided interest and support and important decisions were taken.

By the Hadji Bektash-i Veli memorial services traditionally celebrated every year by the Ehl-i Beyt Foundation the Hadji Bektash-i Veli philosophy was learned correctly both in the community and the international levels. The Foundation has been host to important conventions such as the Mevlana and Yunus Emre activities and blessed birth weeks. Effective services were rendered with publications such as books, CD's and Journals.

The Noah's Pudding festive we have traditionalized jointly with the Ministry of Culture has become the joy of coming together in historic unity, knowledge and joint values. One of our Ministers participating in the Noah's Pudding celebration in Ankara has said in his speech: “If we had captured years ago this picture we are experiencing today we would become the most advance and powerful nation in the world; because we are experiencing the embracing of everybody under the same roof with mutual values with the right line of Islam, its unity, tradition, culture. The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation is the common compass of all of us. All of us should follow its example. Our gratitude for Fermani ALTUN, the most valuable leader of the Ehl-i Beyt in our age is absolute.”

As the influence of the The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation increases, it has become the attraction center for all belief segments. This holy service under the leadership of Fermani ALTUN who is from the assured, courageous Ehl-i Beyt Family which has a power bestowed by the Allah has, growing non-stop like an avalanche has, as well as becoming the joint roof of the whole community be it Alawi or Sunni, strengthened the unity and peace of the world Muslims and the joint values of the whole humanity.

Before The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation the Alawi-Sunni discrimination and artificial hostilities caused by ignorance were at their utmost. In fact, incidents coming to carnage were experienced until recently. Now at this point we have arrived at today the unity of belief in stead of discriminations, the true Islamic brotherhood has begun to form. In the managements and services of The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation are all belief segments included. Until now artificial blocks of the belief segments have arisen among each other in different courses. The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation has demolished these artificial separations and walls. When people came together and talked they have seen that they are not different from each other.

In the torch of The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation there is no separation, there is unity, love, affection, there is no Alawi-Sunni, there is Islamic brotherhood, there is human brotherhood; Because our Lodr almighty who has created the universe has given all people the same values and the same right way. (Love, Affection, Rights and Lws, Solidarity, Learning, Sharing, Tolerance, High Morals and Civilization). Learning these values in the correct manner is the greatest service and the greatest charity. Those who divide the Islam with their cults and bigotry, those that ideologize it, render it hostile with their terrors, reigns, cruelty and separations are those that cause the greatest damage to the Islam and the humanity. As the great philosopher Hadji Bektash-I Veli said “the end of the way not taken from knowledge is darkness.”

There is no discrimination in the nature of belief segments. Those that create this artificial separation are mostly interest-oriented politicians and ignorant religious functionaries.

Those who have betrayed the Ehl-i Beyt throughout history have definitely found their damnation. They shall also find it today. Those that interpret the Islam under formalism, knowledge-science animosity, female animosity, cult bigotry, human discrimination and civilization animosity are the greatest enemies of Allah.

There are 256 organizations affiliated with The World Ehl-i Beyt Foundation in the world. There is everyone in the management and consultancy units of the Foundation. Those people who know of the Ehli Kamil (Master of Absolute) and the Ehl-i Beyt culture in their correct form do not agree to this discrimination in any event.

The Ehl-i Beyt Academy and the head offices building of the Foundation completed in the Fatih district of Istanbul shall be opened on October 12, 2008. The scope of service of the center

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