Türkçe İngilizce


1. With a practice similar to European countries, Depatment of Religious Affairs may have a structure that not emposing on faiths, not favouring and not acting partially.

2. The problem of the Alawi is not the saz (a musical instrument).Major problem is the lack of enlightened religious scholars and for the requirement of establishing cultural centers, special institutions and universities to get support of the State.

3. By revisal of theology faculties, new department should be established to teach Islam with all its details and varieties. Teaching of the fiqh (law) of Ehli Beyt Islam.

4.In order to fulfill the fundamental mission of the state, namely that freely educating, worshipping and acting on their faiths; maintaining justice and rights, necessary amendments should be made in the laws. Freedom of faith, thought, worship and education should be made appropriate to the standards in the modern world

5. For the national unity and solidarity of our country, those people who are mistreated by the system for their faiths, thoughts and opinions which are not deemed wrong in the world should be emancipated by an amnesty. We think that the amnesty should comprise all public causes between the state and citizens.

6. An amount of at least 20 trillion TL should be allocated to Ehli Beyt Association from the 2001 budget (we made necessary applications and attemps for this.) As a result, our main goal is that Turkish Republic is becoming a big, powerful, and eminent state in the world. For this reason, all problems of human rights, economic and democratic are needed to be solved rapidly. Otherwise, we both lose the chance of European Union and eliminate ourselves on reaching to the level of developed countries. In a century that globalization is spreading quickly, you have no chance to say “ other countries can not interfere with me”. Because, we are obliged to live with together the world and to become a global country. Our great founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said that “Peace at home, peace in the world” and “Those countries which not reached to contemporary level of civilization are doomed to fall behind”. We believe that the Turkish National Assembly which is the sole competent legislative body of our country,will show required delicacy for our wishes regarding faith problems. Otherwise, we regret to say that we are obliged to apply to international platforms as a result of our natural democratic right.

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