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111 Libraries!

Humans always protest against what they don’t know. As the World Ehli Beyt Association, the works that we performed and the messages that we have given in recent years ensued a big embrace and brotherhood between different belief fractions. The reason behind this embrace and brotherhood is the opportunity ensured for everyone to accurately know each other.
When our faith, historical values and cultures are presented in an accurate and objective manner, it appears that “everyone has the same culture, values and historical belief”.
Therefore the most important service to be performed is to ensure the opportunity to our generations to read – research - listen – learn and establish dialogue through libraries and cultural centers to be established in each city. The following units should be part of these cultural centers:
1. Book lending section
2. All kinds of daily books, press sale section.
3. Research – Examination section
4. Dialogue – communication – Acquaintance, Reading section
5. "Conference Hall..."
6. Handicrafts and Music Section

We believe that we can realize this big historical project through the support we will be granted from anybody calling himself “a human”…
Furthermore, The World Ehli Beyt Association will realize two more “Ehli Beyt Institute” Establishment project, one in Turkey, the other one in Europe.
"Learn the science, even if it is in China”
"Ink of the Scholar is superior than the blood of the martyr”

"I would be the slave for forty years, of the person who teaches me one letter”

"Humans have two big enemies. The first one is ignorance, the second one is misery. If a society’s culture is weak there is ignorance, if a society’s economy is weak there is misery. The principle associations of becoming a strong, faithful and peaceful society and state depend on being strong in economic and cultural fields.”
Fermani Altun
Ehli Beyt World Magazine continues to render monthly service. Activities, through your support, are continuing, to transform it to a daily newspaper.

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